DPF Cleaning & Durathon Service ®

What is Durathon Service?

In order to protect your equipment investment and to maintain reliable engine and emission performance, the internal filter substrate of your DPF must be cleaned on a regular basis, but your engine must also be properly inspected and running at peak performance.

Your DPF filter captures the soot and wear materials coming from the engine, and it can mask engine problems that were previously detectable by observing the black smoke coming out of the tailpipe. For this reason FleetCrew recommends performing a thorough maintenance and inspection process to the DPF and the engine on an annual basis.

We call this process Durathon Service®, and it goes above and beyond your typical DPF cleaning, offering extra inspection services and preventative maintenance that helps with early detection of engine malfunction and faults. All inspections and records are sent via FleetCrew iSync™ to your FleetCrew IQ™ fleet-record keeping vault and stored electronically.

The Durathon Service Guarantee

While you may choose from varying levels of service packages, if you sign on with the Durathon Service program, we guarantee the following:

  • Your equipment will be in compliance with CARB Regulations
  • Your company will be in compliance with DTSC (Department of Toxic Substance)
  • You will experience the least possible equipment downtime
  • Your manufacturer warranty will remain valid
  • No wasted fuel expenses
  • No engine or emission CHP-related fines

Our Service Packages

We offer various levels of services from basic filter cleaning to the premium Durathon Service. We strongly recommends that you sign up for the Durathon Service Program for all your equipment. Through all service packages we offer DPF substrate cleaning for any DPF type, whether retrofit or factory OEM brands. Service is available at your location through our Mobile Service Teams, or at any Zippy Lube or FleetCrew facility.

DPF Valet Service Zippy DPF Service Durathon Service
Filter cleaning only.
DPF removed and
installed by client
We remove
and reinstall filter
on or off your truck
We remove
and reinstall filter
on or off the truck
DPF filter is cleaned DPF filter is cleaned DPF filter is cleaned
Gasket replacement Gasket replacement Gasket replacement
Hazardous waste disposal Hazardous waste disposal Hazardous waste disposal
No engine diagnostics No engine diagnostics Engine diagnostics
download and analysis
of engine active codes
Same day turnaround
or delivery within 24 hours
Emission system
data download
Emission system
data download
DPF is inspected
and red light is reset
Full emission service
and engine preinstall
compatibility health check
Opacity testing
(pre & post filter)
Fuel & oil analysis
DPF filter face photos
Request Service

Additional Details

For all three options above, the following items are performed (as required):

  • Mobile pick up & deliver will be billed as an extra line item if not delivered by client based on mileage
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 DPF inspection & clean as determined. Level 2 & 3 are an additional charge
  • OEM Exchange if required at quoted price – Core and Core condition determined by OE.

Hazardous Waste

The diesel soot and ash that is removed during the cleaning process is toxic and is classified as California hazardous material. During the substrate cleaning process, our technicians capture the hazardous material, removes it from your site, and later properly disposes of it in accordance with strict CA Department of Toxic Substances Control law and EPA requirements. For all filter-cleaning services, there is an additional Hazardous Material Waste Fee, which is +$9.95 for Level 1 and $14.95 for Level 2. This is an additional fee listed separately on the invoice.

Key Factors for DPF and Engine Reliability
DPF Reliability and Performance is Key to Truck Reliability and Fuel Economy

  • DPF Substrate Cleaning
    Your DPF filter substrate must be professionally cleaned at least annually to remove the ash that builds up over time inside the filter.
  • Opacity Test
    During the DPF service, the engine should be subject to an opacity test before re-installing the clean DPF filter.
  • Engine Maintenance
    An annual engine inspection must be carried out because any engine upset conditions or faults can damage the DPF filter.
  • Annual Emission System Inspection
    DPF systems have various annual inspection and maintenance requirements mandated by the original manufacturer. The process includes inspecting the indicator lights and DPF components, upgrading the diagnostics program if necessary, etc. This inspection must be performed by an authorized DPF dealer such as Zippy Lube and FleetCrew and is available through our expanded or premium Durathon Service. Failure to submit the DPF through this annual process may be the basis for denying a warranty claim.