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AC Service

When the AC system in your heavy duty truck is not working, you will not be productive or comfortable.

A/C systems get clogged and start to drip with regular use. This impacts the efficiency of your heating and cooling capabilities, your comfort and the cost-effectiveness of your vehicle. Regular maintenance keeps you and your vehicle working at peak performance.

Our full-service repair shops offer complete air conditioning repair services, including a full-system flush, recharge, leak detection and other troubleshooting and maintenance services using the latest A/C diagnostic equipment. Staying comfortable in your truck is essential to productivity. When the AC system in your truck is not working, you will become dependent on the use of your windows. AC issues should be addressed as soon as possible to ensure the driver can stay comfortable in the cab. With our team of experienced technicians and advanced equipment on your side, our customers can have confidence that their trucks are in the best hands possible for repairs. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality and cost-effective repair services for all of our customers.

AC System Issue Indicators:

  • The air smells damp like mildew and mold
  • Your A/C is only slightly cooler than outside
  • Your heating is only slightly warmer than outside
  • You struggle to defrost your windows
  • Your heating and cooling don’t work while idling
  • Weak airflow even at the highest fan setting
  • You need more coolant - It’s normal for cold air to blow out of your vents for the first few minutes after you turn on the heater. But it should warm up fast. If it doesn’t, your coolant level might be low.
  • You have a leak - Coolant travels through several parts of your engine. A leak from any of those places can prevent your heating and cooling system from working properly.
  • Coolant hoses have worn down - As your truck ages, the coolant hoses get worn down. This can lead to clogs or loose clamps. If you’re struggling to find a coolant leak, these hoses should be one of the places you check.
  • Electrical issues - If you are trying to turn on your air conditioning or heater in your heavy-duty truck and the controls will not engage, then you could have a fuse or electrical issues occurring.

We want to make sure there are no obstacles that stand between you and a comfortable ride. For a comprehensive inspection of your cooling system, contact Zippy today.

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