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Driveline Service

A driveline is the part of the vehicle that transfers power from the engine to the road. It usually consists of differentials, propeller shafts, constant velocity joints, side gears, and drive shafts.

At Zippy, we offer reliable and cost-effective services for drivelines in your fleet vehicles. The driveline in your vehicle involves the powertrain, minus the transmission and the engine. Therefore, your vehicle's ability to maneuver on the road and give you a smooth ride depends on it. Vehicles that cover large distances, often experience driveline issues because of the constant wear and tear of the components. However, there are a few signs that can indicate that your driveline needs work.


  1. Strange Noises – The first sign of a problem with your driveline is unusual noise emitting from your vehicle. This can range from loud clunks mid-drive or a faint whirring sound when the truck accelerates.
  2. Vibrating Steering Column – A damaged driveline can cause rough vibrations in the steering wheel, mainly due to an issue in the driving shaft. And if left untreated, this issue can cause the vehicle to shake heavily.
  3. Difficulty Turning – If your driveshaft is damaged, your steering wheel can become difficult to maneuver; you may even experience a fightback when making sharp turns. This issue can lead to accidents and should be fixed as soon as possible.

How We Can Help
Zippy Truck Repairs offers repair services for heavy-duty vehicles. You can count on us to keep your fleet on the road with professional driveline rebuilding and replacement services. Our trained technicians inspect your driveline case, check driveline fluid to see if it needs to be changed, and remove any contaminated driveline fluid. And then we let you know if maintenance will do, or you need a replacement.

The transfer of torque from the truck's transmission to the axle and wheels while constantly adjusting to differing speeds and angles places an extreme amount of stress on driveline components. When you make a turn, the outside wheels travel farther than the inside wheels, and while the difference may be relatively small, it can add up and damage your vehicle if it isn't offset.

Your differential makes up for this difference by mechanically transferring torque through a set of gears that keeps the engine and transmission load steady regardless of how sharp your truck turns. Unfortunately, the extreme loads placed on your differential can lead to excess heat and wear.

The differential is coated with thick gear oil to reduce friction and wear and protect it from damage. Typically, differential fluid is changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, but if you are hauling heavy loads or diving in stop-and-go traffic, we recommend more frequent service.

When you bring your truck to Zippy Truck Repairs for driveline service, our technicians will diagnose any potential issues before they become a major and costly repair. Your differential compensates for this difference in distance through a set of gears that transfer the torque mechanically. The main point of this is to keep the load on the engine and transmission steady no matter how sharp your vehicle turns.

The differential gets heavy loads put on it which can lead to increased heat and wear. That's why we cover it all in thick gear oil. It allows the parts to run smoother and reduce the overall friction. If you're hauling heavy loads, we recommend even more frequent service appointments.


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