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EGR & DPF Services

If you own a heavy-duty vehicle, chances are that it uses an EGR system to reduce the number of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) entering the atmosphere by recirculating exhaust gases back into the engine for combustion.

EGR Service
Zippy is a trusted name for system and component servicing. Most vehicles often experience issues in their Exhaust Gas Recirculation system. Its job is to reduce carbon emissions, but if it isn’t in optimal working condition, a faulty exhaust system can end up creating an engine issue resulting in excessive emissions.

The diesel particulate filter traps soot from the exhaust in its honeycomb-shaped exhaust pipe, storing it, and then burning it off. This reduces carbon emissions. These two systems are necessary for the proper operation of your truck but can run into problems if they are not serviced and maintained regularly.

EGR Maintenance
EGR coolers have two common failure modes: plugging with soot, which restricts the flow of the gasses through the system, and fractures inside the cooler from thermal cycling and the constant pressure applied to the system. It is vital to get your EGR system checked for any malfunctions to avoid further complications in your engine. Timely EGR cleaning and EGR system replacement can be completed at Zippy.

At Zippy, we provide service on all makes and models of heavy-duty trucks and trailers. Our skilled technicians are experts at solving difficult-to-diagnose issues and are committed to providing our customers with quality work and prompt service. At Zippy, we understand that a truck requires ongoing maintenance to keep it running well. We offer exhaust & aftertreatment, transmission & clutch, among the many services we provide.

Exhaust and Aftertreatment Service
The exhaust and aftertreatment system is a complex system and its performance affects other vital systems in your vehicle. Exhaust and aftertreatment issues can lead to decreased power, acceleration, fuel economy, high emissions and cause unanticipated downtime for your truck.

The first sign of an exhaust or aftertreatment problem is often excessive black smoke. A hissing noise, or loud exhaust, is usually caused by a leaking gasket or a crack in the manifold or exhaust pipe. A check engine light or the MIL light on says service now!

Exhaust and aftertreatment issues can also impact the performance of your truck. For example, you may experience a sudden decrease in your truck's acceleration or power, which can indicate a problem, such as a clogged exhaust manifold. Exhaust leaks will also impact the performance of your turbo since some of the exhaust escapes before the designed exhaust system.

At Zippy Truck Repair, we have the expertise and technology to service and repair exhaust and emission systems from all truck manufacturers. Our skilled technicians have a thorough understanding of each exhaust and aftertreatment system and the most advanced technology available, giving us unmatched diagnostic and service capabilities. Be sure to have your aftertreatment system serviced regularly to avoid potential problems.


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