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Diagnostics & Fault Codes

Diagnostics and electrical repairs will help keep your heavy-duty truck running smoothly and in compliance. Find the root cause of your engine check light.

Our technicians use Industry leading OEM & aftertreatment truck and engine software diagnostics to view all codes and identify corrective actions to repair issues. We use a data-driven approach for truck maintenance reliability by performing an on-board diagnostic service each time we touch your Heavy-Duty vehicle. This preventative measure helps our clients remove the guess work that only visual inspections offer with "data-driven maintenance reliability."

Diagnosing and repairing electrical issues can be complex, but our engine diagnostics experts recognize that it is vital to diagnose and repair electrical problems quickly and efficiently. We are committed to saving you time and money and understand that every day your truck is not available, you are not benefiting from the revenue generated by your vehicle.

At Zippy Truck Repairs, we specialize in finding solutions for all fault codes and hard-to-diagnose problems. Your vehicle has several systems to alert you of issues, but there are a few warning signs you should look for, and address immediately:

  • Difficulty starting - It shouldn’t take long to crank your engine. If it does, bring it in for maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting check engine light, your MIL light is on
  • Your battery is damaged, bloated, or dies.
  • Your headlights or brake lights are dull or dim.
  • You notice the smell of burnt plastic or wiring.
  • You see cracked, worn, or discolored wiring.
  • Losing power - Fuel problems like dirty filters, problems with fuel injectors, and loose throttle links lead to less power for your engine when you need to accelerate.
  • Fuel contamination - Diesel fuel is thick and holds contaminants more easily than regular gas. Glycol, water, and soot are most common and can lead to engine problems over time.
  • Black exhaust - A high fuel-to-air ratio often leads to black exhaust. We help determine why the balance is off and fix broken filters, injectors, or pumps or damaged DPF.
  • Too much noise - Diesel engines are loud, but the noise shouldn’t be excessive. You know the sound of your truck running, and a new sound is a sign that something is wrong, and it needs to be checked.

One of the first signs of an issue with your truck is typically a check engine light. The cause of a check engine light can be something as simple as a loose or faulty fuel cap or a more severe issue such as emission aftertreatment issue. While the check engine light may come on for various reasons, it is an indication that your vehicle has a problem that needs immediate attention. Whatever the cause, it's best not to take the chance of causing significant damage. Our technicians have the training, skill, and advanced equipment to determine the problem quickly. Diagnostics can reveal issues in your truck's engine, transmission, exhaust system, brakes, and other major components, and our mechanics can also improve the performance of your truck. Diagnosing the root of a problems requires systematic processes. Whether a complex electric issue or a simple fuse, we track our diagnostics processes and continually improve.

As diesel engine diagnostics experts, we know that investigating complex issues can be time consuming and expensive. Not to mention, every day that your truck is in the shop is a day that you aren’t on the road, making money.


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