Truck Maintenance & Emission Compliance with Confidence ™

Truck & Engine Diagnostics

Truck Maintenance & Emission Compliance with Confidence ™

At Zippy, we use Industry leading engine software to view codes and determine corrective actions to repair issues. We use a data-driven approach for truck maintenance reliability by performing an on-board diagnostic service each time we touch your vehicle. This helps remove the guess work that only visual inspection offer. Our technicians can view all codes on your engine and develop corrective actions to repair and assist in total vehicle health, both in shop and on the road. At Zippy, we are committed to saving you time and money, and minimize truck downtime.

Common Symptoms of an Engine Condition Issue:

Your vehicle has several symptoms to alert you of any issues, here are a few warning signs to look for and address immediately:

  • Experiencing Loss of power or stalling
  • Difficulty starting or cranking your engine
  • Check engine of MIL light is illuminated on your dash
  • Battery is damaged, bloated or dies
  • Headlights or brake lights dim or dull
  • Smell burning plastic or wiring
  • Cracked, worn or discolored wiring
  • Losing power, fuel problems, loose throttle links
  • Fuel contamination
  • Black exhaust
  • Too much noise

Diagnostic Solutions for all Diesel Applications:

Zippy are a distributor of a full range of diagnostic kits and cables. Our diagnostic tools provide troubleshooting codes and visuals of your engine condition in REAL time. Functionality includes performing forced regenerations, injector cut-out tests and resetting codes. We have the tools to help keep your truck on the road. We offer both Truck & Off Highway diagnostic solutions for all major makes and models, multiple platform flexibility and support. Our full range of kits cover entry level, mid-tier and professional functionality.

Stay Informed!

Prefer to handle diagnostics internally? No problem. Zippy are an authorized reseller for both Diesel Laptops and Texa diagnostic kits. Equip your drivers with entry, medium level tools and software to stay on top of engine maintenance. It's even easy enough to turn your smart phone into a diagnostic tool. Stay informed and make decisions about repairs by utilizing our diagnostic program. Shop our online store for a full range of diagnostic kits and cables.

Heavy Duty Inspection & Maintenance Program - Truck Certification

Did you know there is a new CARB program in California? In 2023, all non-gasoline vehicles, GVWR 14,000+ lbs. operating in California will be required to perform PSIP and report their fleet into a new HD/IM CARB database. By January 2024, all fleets will need to supply OBD downloads and PSIP results, by truck, to demonstrate to CARB no active engine codes or malfunction indicator light issues exist on your truck. Failure to do so will prevent California Truck Certification and block DMV renewal. This new regulation will have a significant impact to all fleets from a compliance and budgetary perspective, so do not procrastinate and equip your team, or partner with Zippy now!


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