Truck Maintenance & Emission Compliance with Confidence ™

DPF Cleaning & Durathon Service ®

What is Durathon Service ® ?
While you may choose from varying levels of service packages, if you sign on with the Durathon Service program, we guarantee the following:

  • Your equipment will be in compliance with CARB Regulations
  • Your company will be in compliance with DTSC (Department of Toxic Substance)
  • You will experience the least possible equipment downtime
  • Your manufacturer warranty will remain valid
  • No wasted fuel expenses
  • No engine or emission CHP-related fines

The Durathon Service® Process

Level 1
  • Dry soot/ash (up to 200 grams)
  • High-volume, low-pressure pulses of air to dislodge
  • All cells and channels open
Level 2
  • Dry soot/ash (between 200-600 grams)
  • This level consists of Air/Bake/Air service may be required for excessively plugged filters
  • Air-vacuum and air cell service
Level 3
  • For extremely plugged filters - Level 3 Core Rescue method
  • Wet soot/ash (600 grams or more)
  • This method consists of Level 2 cleaning plus individual cell cleaning to recover the filter

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