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Oil & Fluid Service

Lubricants lower your operational costs. For high quality oil and fluid services, the team at Zippy have service bays open, waiting to be of service to you.

Additional Details:
At every Zippy Truck Services location you will find dependable, hardworking technicians with a passion for trucks. All of our technicians are highly trained and we use the industry’s best oils and filters. Zippy Truck Services saves you money and time by providing you with superior products and services at competitive prices, to keep your truck in the best condition.

Heavy-duty trucks are oil-lubricated machines, the oil and fluid services for these trucks are important to keep these machines running smoothly for years. Oil that burns too quickly or leaks can cause serious damage to your truck's engine. Oil that is low or leaks can cause it to end up in the engine's cylinders, which can lead to pistons becoming oil-drenched and seizing. Replacing oil filters are also important for heavy-duty trucks because keeping clean oil running through the engine is critical for engine performance and extending lifespan. For the highest quality oil and fluid services in the Southern California area, the team at Zippy Truck Repairs is just a phone call away. We have the experienced technicians and advanced equipment needed to administer your oil and fluid service and get you back on the road.

Other fluid services can include oil changes, filter replacement, pan gasket replacement, pump changing or repairing, differential servicing, power steering fluid service, oil pan cleaning, oil separator changing, transmission fluid checks, brake fluid checks, and even washer fluid top-ups. For all your oil and fluid services, Zippy is the first place that you should call.


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