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Conditions of Sale

  • Contract: This sale shall be subject to the terms and conditions contained on this and the other side hereof and constitutes the sole contract between the parties.
  • Payment: Unless other terms are expressly agreed upon and noted on the Seller’s invoice form, the Buyer shall pay the purchase price for all goods and services on the date of service. Vehicles will be released upon payment of invoice.

Zippy Truck Services Warranty Policy

  • Zippy Truck Services Limited Warranty provides that the repairs and service performed will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 30 DAYS OR 3,500 MILES from the date of original purchase (which ever comes first.) This warranty applies only to the original purchaser, the motor vehicle and service identified on the original invoice. This warranty does not apply to failures in service due to deliberate misuse, accident, neglect, alteration, off-road use, or normal wear and tear. Note: no warranty will be provided on requested repairs that do not restore to sound operating condition the vehicle or equipment being worked on. Zippy Truck Services will only offer a warranty on repairs that we have recommended and/or requested by the customer that meets these criteria. The warranty does not cover economic loss, consequential loss, or additional expense including (without limitation): payment for loss of time or pay, inconvenience, storage, loss of vehicle use, vehicle rental expense, lodging bills, meals or other travel costs. Zippy Truck Services reserves the right to inspect and correct all warranty related work. The servicing location and/or warranty administration office must be notified for claims processing before corrective action is taken at any other repair facility. Failure to do so may result in the denial of a warranty claim.
  • Zippy Truck Services technicians may, during service of a vehicle, perform a cursory inspection of the vehicle and identify defects such as leaks, or missing or defective parts or other damage and may bring the existence of these defects to the attention of the purchaser. However, such inspection is not a part of the service provided by Zippy Truck Services or charged to purchaser and Zippy Truck Services is under no obligation to make such inspection or to discover any defect, obvious or concealed, or to notify purchaser of such defects. Zippy Truck Services makes no warranty of any type relating to such inspections.

Warranty Claims

  • All warranty claims must be filed on or before the expiration of the Warranty Period. Claims filed after the expiration of the Warranty Period will not be considered.
  • To receive warranty service, purchaser must provide this invoice along with documents evidencing all previous regular PM services to vehicle regardless of service provider to the Zippy Truck Services location where services were provided. Purchaser must also return for inspection all defective/faulty products, including without limitation, defective/faulty filters.


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