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CARB’s Newest Program: Clean Truck Check

Are you ready for the Clean Truck Check Program?

Previously Referred to as the Heavy Duty I/M Program, CARB has developed a new, comprehensive Engine Inspection & Maintenance program for all non-gasoline vehicles over 14,001+ lbs. that enter California. This new program is the Clean Truck Check Program. Heavy-duty vehicles remain one of the largest emissions contributors in the state and the purpose of this new program is to ensure trucks on the California roadways are properly maintained in order to minimize air pollutant emissions during operation. This will require both engine and emission systems to be inspected, maintained, issues identified and repaired prior to use.

Several fleets have already been issued NTS (Notice to Submit to Testing) to prove your vehicles are not high emitting or polluting on the California road ways. APL cameras are stationed all over California to identify high emitters. If you receive an NTS – you have 30 days to complete additional testing with a certified vendor to prove your engine and emission system is in good working order.

By Q4 of 2023, all fleets will need to report into a new CARB web portal their fleet details, as this is where the periodic testing results will be uploaded and all fees paid to CARB. By 2024, fleets will need to supply OBD and PSIP results to CARB, by truck, to demonstrate no active ECU codes or MIL issues exist. Failure to do so will prevent California Truck Certification and DMV renewal. This new regulation will have a significant impact to all fleets from a compliance and budgetary perspective by year 2024.

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